Monday, December 20, 2010

Tag: Ready for Christmas

Tagging everyone who reads my blog, and anyone who wants to do this.

1. Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie?
My favorite holiday movies are The santa claus movie.
2. Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color?
Gold or Green
3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
Opening presents: in pjs, out for dinner, in for dinner: dress up
4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
wow.. my mom.
5. Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?
Both, sometimes we opne on gift on eve because we are so restless and we have dinner with family. Most on the day.
6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House?
7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?
Finish homework and catch up and get ready for exams, hang with family,video games, go out in the snow, etc
8. Any Christmas Wishes?
That I can do everything I want to during Christmas and have loads of fun.
9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
hmmm.. Its got to be cinnnamon and like apples. That or roast cooking with rosemary, yummy.
10. Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
The meal we have during new years time, a little finger foods and sparkling apple juice.

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