Friday, December 31, 2010

Review and Swatch: Claire's Mood Changing Polish in awesome/silly

Without flash in daylight (look at the chipping of this polish!)

Claire's Mood polish in awesome/silly ($5.75/$5.00 CND/US) is a bright pink that turns to light pink depending on your "mood". I dont believe your mood changes every time you wash your hands though, so I'm a little off put by that. Really how this nail polish changes is temp. If your hot the nail polish will go light pink, if your cold it will go darker pink. If you nail beds are warm but your free edge (on long nails) is exposed and colder, you will have this cool gradient/french tip affect. The price isnt worth it as I can get a china glaze nail polish at a wholesaler for that amount.

The appliation of this polish is horrible. I can put on china glaze polishes fine and they go on perfect. With this polish it needs about three+ coats to make it look alright. You have to be quick with this polish as it dries in a matter of seconds. But as you are applying it looks alright, intill it starts turning to the lighter color, then you realise there are so many bald spots... I had the worst time trying to apply this. It was gloopy and did not spread easily.

I had it on the first day and noticed a few chips but not to bad (nail polish doesnt like my nails all that much anyway), on the second day I couldnt believe it, parts had huge pieces off of it. As if it all lifted off my nail. I was not impressed by the third day (today), Im bout ready to take it off and just forget it. Its a nice concept and actually works but the application is horrible and so is the wear.

I do give props to this nail polish for the face that it will still work with a base coat, and many layers of topcoat. Long nails will generally like this alot for the gradient/french effect, but on short nails you wont have that pretty much at all. I would reccomend this to anyone with long nails, and has the paticence with application and chipping.

I have a few other of these colors to try out and review, hopefully not all of them are like this.

Claires please make your application better, or better yet china glaze come out with your own mood polishes!

  • Product: 4/10
  • Value: 4/10
  • Ease of Use: 1/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
Overall: D-

Cold water with flash
Mix of both hot and cold water, shows you the gradient effect it can have.

Daylight with flash

Hot water with flash



  1. i think i like the color when its hot. but the gradient effect is pretty!

  2. It is very pretty, unforntuatlly my nails are not long enough to show the natural effect, but there are some nice swatchs on google.

  3. aryn, i accidentally removed a comment you made to me and i want to say "i want to see your ice queen if you ever finished it!!!" hahahahaha i meant to say that, but i was redoing tons of things on my blog and forgot to say it! i hope you had a great holiday!


  4. haha thats alright. No I havent finished it, I started doing it and it turned into a totally different thing xD It was more inspiration it seemed, I can never stick to doing what someone else has done.