Friday, December 31, 2010

December 2010 Favorites! (2010 faves)

So since its the end of the year 2010, and december I thought I would show you some of my favorite products. Now this is both a december faves and a 2010 faves. Most of these products I use all the time through out the year so I thought it would be good to show them to you.

So lets get started!

1.  Mac Mineralized SkinFinish in "Comfort". I have been using this as my bronzer for a while now, even in the winter, we pale beautys got to have a little sun. It is sparkly but most of that doesnt translate to the face when applying.

2. Two Faced Shadow insurance is my HG eye primer so far. I personally havent tried urban decay, but I love this one. It never creases on me and holds for a good long day. It makes my eyeshadow go on brighter and is easy to blend with it. It even holds my eyeliner in place!

3. Mac Tinted Lip conditioner in "Pink Fish". This shade has been my go to lip color during the holidays and all year round. It makes my lips soft, and is one of my favorite shades.

4. Black XS for her by Paco Robanne is a amazing fragrance! I love the deep rich tones of this and I love to wear it during special occasions. Its not something that I would wear out in the daytime, but since december came and I have had lots of dinners out and stuff this one really helps me feel amazing. The mens scent of this one is amazing to.

5. The Body shop cranberry Joy body butter, it smells intresting. Im not quite sure how to describe it, but for me it doesnt smell like cranberrys which I like because I hate cranberry. I have been usng this around the clock and my hands are so soft! I use it at night, and put it in my purse and use it wherever I am, sometimes I wont wear any perfume, and I get compliments on this scent alone.

Last but not Least..... 6. Out the Door topcoat is on of the fastest drying topcoats I have ever used. It is even better then seche vite in my opinion. This one drys fast, doesnt shrink, leaves nails glossy, and makes nail polish stay on longer! Its really my HG topcoat, I use it on every nail design and love it.

My dec 2010 faves!

What are your faves for winter, or even for the new year, comment below and tell me! I love hearing from you!


Review and Swatch: Claire's Mood Changing Polish in awesome/silly

Without flash in daylight (look at the chipping of this polish!)

Claire's Mood polish in awesome/silly ($5.75/$5.00 CND/US) is a bright pink that turns to light pink depending on your "mood". I dont believe your mood changes every time you wash your hands though, so I'm a little off put by that. Really how this nail polish changes is temp. If your hot the nail polish will go light pink, if your cold it will go darker pink. If you nail beds are warm but your free edge (on long nails) is exposed and colder, you will have this cool gradient/french tip affect. The price isnt worth it as I can get a china glaze nail polish at a wholesaler for that amount.

The appliation of this polish is horrible. I can put on china glaze polishes fine and they go on perfect. With this polish it needs about three+ coats to make it look alright. You have to be quick with this polish as it dries in a matter of seconds. But as you are applying it looks alright, intill it starts turning to the lighter color, then you realise there are so many bald spots... I had the worst time trying to apply this. It was gloopy and did not spread easily.

I had it on the first day and noticed a few chips but not to bad (nail polish doesnt like my nails all that much anyway), on the second day I couldnt believe it, parts had huge pieces off of it. As if it all lifted off my nail. I was not impressed by the third day (today), Im bout ready to take it off and just forget it. Its a nice concept and actually works but the application is horrible and so is the wear.

I do give props to this nail polish for the face that it will still work with a base coat, and many layers of topcoat. Long nails will generally like this alot for the gradient/french effect, but on short nails you wont have that pretty much at all. I would reccomend this to anyone with long nails, and has the paticence with application and chipping.

I have a few other of these colors to try out and review, hopefully not all of them are like this.

Claires please make your application better, or better yet china glaze come out with your own mood polishes!

  • Product: 4/10
  • Value: 4/10
  • Ease of Use: 1/5
  • Packaging: 4/5
Overall: D-

Cold water with flash
Mix of both hot and cold water, shows you the gradient effect it can have.

Daylight with flash

Hot water with flash


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Haul: Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!

I got some gifts from Christmas and would love to show you all. I know some people hate hauls because they feel its bragging, I personally love them because you have a chance to ask for reviews and things using these products. How else are you to know what a person has and what they dont. For those of you who dont celebrate Christmas, I wish you whatever you do celebrate. New years is coming, who is exited? The family got a new camera but Im still trying to get it perfect picture taken mode. The last few photos were taking with the new camera, looks better or not?

Leaf earings (brand: apostrophe)

Real fruit jellies... yum! (from superstore)
Purple Budda necklace (got off ebay)
Fun gold earings (brand: apostrophe)

Same ones as above

Hempz treats (lotions in different scents, all sweets scents)
Orange dream cupcake, sugar lemon squares, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla creme brullee

Warm apple cider, mint choclate cocoa, sweet vanilla eggnog, pumpkin spice latte

Claires giftcard

Sephora giftcard, and they come with a mirror

Kat von D adora perfume
Bracelet holder

Ecotoools by alicia silverstone brush set with makeup case

Claires mood polishes (they change color depending on cold or hot) Colors (from left to right)
awesome/silly, flirty/shy,calm/wild, and peaceful/confident
China glaze's wizard of oz returns collection Colors from left to right:
C-C-Courage, Dorothy who?, Good Witch?, The Ten Man, Ruby Pumps, Cowardly lyin'

Nail polish rack off ebay

22 inch flat screen tv (samsung)

not part of this, wild/calm, flirty/shy, peaceful/confident, silly/awesome (cold)

Good Witch?, The Ten Man, Dorothy Who?, C-C-Courage, Cowardly Lyin'

Above is the mood changing nail polishes in hot.. If you wait and your hands are hot and your free edge is still cold you get a very cool french tip effect. I like these nail polishs, they were nice and opaque and non streaky. They actually worked!

Thats my haul, please let me know if you want to request any reviews or tutorials.

Stay Beautiful,

REQUESTED: My moms nail tutorial

The look we are doing today is above, heres what you need:

Mix these two colors together. Picture below is them mixed:


 Heres how to do it:

First glue the right sized tip for your finger on your nail
Dip your brush into your monomer (cnd rentention), and then into your acrylic powder. Place a bit in your dual system form, and then dip into your mylar glitter. Place the glitter into your form and then place another layer of acrylic powder on top.

Place the dual system form on your finger, and press down for about 20 seconds.

Clean out the goop from around the nail and underneath the free edge.

Slowly wiggle the form off, and let it pop off and reveal your nail. Then file to your desired length and shape. Then apply a gel top coat and cure for the amount of time the product says.

Any questions? I really like these dual system forms, they seem to make everything that much easier.

Stay beautiful,