Friday, December 10, 2010

Sephora Haul

The point of these hauls is to show people what I have gotten, so they can ask for review and or request certain looks with these products. In no means am I trying to brag and if you dont like hauls just keep reading the other posts in my blog.

This is what I got:

Tattoo Chronicles Palette - Volume 1 ($180 Value)
What it is:
A set of Kat Von D products that lets you express your defining individuality.

What it does:
Kat's secret weapons for pulling off a long-lasting, rockin' look come together in a beauty stash that includes false lashes, eyeshadows, and primers. Plus, a secret compartment reveals a hidden double-ended rollerball fragrance that embodies Kat's two sides: saint and sinner.

This set contains:
- 1 pair False Eyelashes
- 12 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Tijuana, Taxidermy, Hollywood, Peanut, Redemption, Solitude, Heartkiller, Baudelaire, Monastary, Poe Blue, Nite Owl, Lemmy
- 3 x 0.01 oz High Voltage Primers in Skin, Stellar, Smoky
- 2 x 0.17 oz Double-Ended Saint/Sinner Rollerball

What else you need to know:
"This is dedicated to those who are self-created, self-reliant, self made, and independent." —Kat Von D

All of the above taken from sephora's site. This palette is limited adition and came out with the adora collection. It was about $72 cnd dollars, but I personally think it is worth it. All the eyeshadows are pigmented and the primers dont crease. The perfume is really nice, but I havent tried the lashes yet. Please let me know if you want a full review on this product.

The lashes do not come with glue, please keep that in mind.

It's a pretty book, and when you open it, there are a few pages written and drawn by kat von d. Then once you get over those pages, you come to a magnetic page where you open it to reveal:

Some closer looks and swatchs of the products:

Saint and Sinner Rollerball, saint is sweet and sinner is very spicy.

The lashes, and the three primers, skin, steller, and smokey.

There we are, poe blue is a littler bluer in real life then in the swatch.

Let me know if you want a review, or request of something else. It helps my blog keep going.



  1. LOVING Lemmy!

    You should totally post/review this one!

  2. Sure, what would you like specifically on this, any certain info I should cover? I was gonna do some swatchs to see what is compared to it although I dont have many yellows. Maybe I should include a look?