Saturday, December 11, 2010


Requested that I show some of my new nail polish on my actual nails. Here is my current manicure:

This is OPI nail envy as a base, then Gina Glaze little drummer boy with nubar 2010 over top. Its hard to really capture nubar 2010, so im sorry if the photos arent that clear.

I was wearing little drummer boy for about a week, I touched it up and then added nubar over top so that it looked like a whole new color. I have gotten many compliments on this, I love flakies.


  1. This looks awesome its just hard to see. I like your blog's layout!

    I do a post every tuesday to give new blogs exposure. Find out more here:

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and following.
    Ya I know its hard to see, Im working on getting a better camera, but in the mean time I'm trying to work on the colors my best.

    Thanks, I've been working on the layout, its still not exactly how I want it but its getting there.

    I will check that post thanks ;)

  3. hey! maybe u cld use the macro mode on your camera :) so the focus is sharper! im using a Panasonic LX TZ-70 camera and usually take my photos in natural light :) hope this helps!

  4. I do use the macro mode on my camera, I try to take my photos as close ot natural light as I can by a window or whatever. I cant really go outside, since its freezing cold and very snowy. But I might just have to, in order to get good photos. I use a Kodak easy share c813. My camera just hates sparkles and things of that sort :/

    Thanks for commenting and reading.

  5. pretty color :3
    I like how the flakies look :3