Friday, December 31, 2010

December 2010 Favorites! (2010 faves)

So since its the end of the year 2010, and december I thought I would show you some of my favorite products. Now this is both a december faves and a 2010 faves. Most of these products I use all the time through out the year so I thought it would be good to show them to you.

So lets get started!

1.  Mac Mineralized SkinFinish in "Comfort". I have been using this as my bronzer for a while now, even in the winter, we pale beautys got to have a little sun. It is sparkly but most of that doesnt translate to the face when applying.

2. Two Faced Shadow insurance is my HG eye primer so far. I personally havent tried urban decay, but I love this one. It never creases on me and holds for a good long day. It makes my eyeshadow go on brighter and is easy to blend with it. It even holds my eyeliner in place!

3. Mac Tinted Lip conditioner in "Pink Fish". This shade has been my go to lip color during the holidays and all year round. It makes my lips soft, and is one of my favorite shades.

4. Black XS for her by Paco Robanne is a amazing fragrance! I love the deep rich tones of this and I love to wear it during special occasions. Its not something that I would wear out in the daytime, but since december came and I have had lots of dinners out and stuff this one really helps me feel amazing. The mens scent of this one is amazing to.

5. The Body shop cranberry Joy body butter, it smells intresting. Im not quite sure how to describe it, but for me it doesnt smell like cranberrys which I like because I hate cranberry. I have been usng this around the clock and my hands are so soft! I use it at night, and put it in my purse and use it wherever I am, sometimes I wont wear any perfume, and I get compliments on this scent alone.

Last but not Least..... 6. Out the Door topcoat is on of the fastest drying topcoats I have ever used. It is even better then seche vite in my opinion. This one drys fast, doesnt shrink, leaves nails glossy, and makes nail polish stay on longer! Its really my HG topcoat, I use it on every nail design and love it.

My dec 2010 faves!

What are your faves for winter, or even for the new year, comment below and tell me! I love hearing from you!



  1. I agree with you, I prefer "Out the door", much better ;).
    I just finish my first bottle and it was very nice til the end.

  2. Exactly, and its in a bigger bottle <3