Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Haul: Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!

I got some gifts from Christmas and would love to show you all. I know some people hate hauls because they feel its bragging, I personally love them because you have a chance to ask for reviews and things using these products. How else are you to know what a person has and what they dont. For those of you who dont celebrate Christmas, I wish you whatever you do celebrate. New years is coming, who is exited? The family got a new camera but Im still trying to get it perfect picture taken mode. The last few photos were taking with the new camera, looks better or not?

Leaf earings (brand: apostrophe)

Real fruit jellies... yum! (from superstore)
Purple Budda necklace (got off ebay)
Fun gold earings (brand: apostrophe)

Same ones as above

Hempz treats (lotions in different scents, all sweets scents)
Orange dream cupcake, sugar lemon squares, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla creme brullee

Warm apple cider, mint choclate cocoa, sweet vanilla eggnog, pumpkin spice latte

Claires giftcard

Sephora giftcard, and they come with a mirror

Kat von D adora perfume
Bracelet holder

Ecotoools by alicia silverstone brush set with makeup case

Claires mood polishes (they change color depending on cold or hot) Colors (from left to right)
awesome/silly, flirty/shy,calm/wild, and peaceful/confident
China glaze's wizard of oz returns collection Colors from left to right:
C-C-Courage, Dorothy who?, Good Witch?, The Ten Man, Ruby Pumps, Cowardly lyin'

Nail polish rack off ebay

22 inch flat screen tv (samsung)

not part of this, wild/calm, flirty/shy, peaceful/confident, silly/awesome (cold)

Good Witch?, The Ten Man, Dorothy Who?, C-C-Courage, Cowardly Lyin'

Above is the mood changing nail polishes in hot.. If you wait and your hands are hot and your free edge is still cold you get a very cool french tip effect. I like these nail polishs, they were nice and opaque and non streaky. They actually worked!

Thats my haul, please let me know if you want to request any reviews or tutorials.

Stay Beautiful,


  1. ahhh! you got a nail polish rack! where did you get it!

  2. My dad got it off ebay, its a 60+ holder, I guess theres a guy that makes them.

    Link to something close to it but not 60+:

    Or if you can go to a beauty wholesale store, they have racks the same as these and ones that the polish bottles come down each time you take one out.

  3. You've got some awesome presents! Love the moodpolishes!

  4. haha thanks =)

    The mood polishs are good, but have a horrible formula.

  5. Do a post on Dorothy Who please? I waaant that polish!

  6. Sure, will do that the next time I do my nails. =)

  7. Oooooh the earrings and polishez are pretty~ nice haulage there! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's pretty dead since I've been working my ass off at Sephora. :I Anyways I swear I'm gonna take better photos of Wild At Heart! It's more holo actually but not as BAM-in-your-face as the one I saw on Scrangie. *jealousy bubbling up*

  8. Thanks =) I just found your blog through another person I am a follower to. I love finding new people to watch and so I always ahve something to read. Haha well I would love to see the more holoness. I seriously am in love with holos and that wouldnt be if I hadnt started doing my blog. Maybe Scrangies is like that cause of the lighting she used or the camera mode?

  9. Wow so many pretty things to play with ^-^, like those earrings!