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Makeup ??

Have you all tried this wonderful website? www. ? If not you should go check it out. I have been a member for a while now but lately have been getting into it more and more. They have boards where you can talk about everything under the sun, they have a review page where you can write reviews and read others so that you can make sure the product you want is good. They even have a swap section, you put in what you want and what you have and you and others contact each other and set up a swap. Of course you have to be careful because of some people in this world. There is swaplifters but if you follow all the rules I will give you in the next bit you should be fine. Its a great way to get rid of products that you didnt like, or that just didnt work for you. Maybe there is something you cant get anywhere in your country and you really want to try it. It can track your recent purchases and be a wonderful site. And if your like me you WILL get addicted.

Some guidelines and rules that you should follow on makeup alley:

According to makeup alley:

Q: What are the guidelines for what can and can't be posted in the swap section?

A: Prescription items are not allowed on MakeupAlley swap board Listing prices (selling, retail, reference, etc.) is not allowed ANYWHERE on the swap board including the Item Title Line, Item Description and Notepad. Links to selling on Ebay or any affiliate programs are not allowed. Swapping burned CDs/DVDs is not allowed. The Swap Board is ONLY for posting Swap items (not Custom Purchases, Other Arrangements or any other notices). Violators may be removed/suspended without notice.

Q: Can I post a gift card in the swap section or ask for a gift card in my wish list?

A: No. The swap section is not intended for selling. Posting a gift card is equivalent to offering cash and asking for a gift card in your wish list or in a swap item is equivalent to asking for cash. The swap section is intended for swapping items, not buying them. We understand that in certain situations individuals might come to work out a different agreement privately, and we leave that between the two parties, however we ask that the posted swap items, notepads, and wish lists respect the guidelines and the intention of the MUA swap section.

Q: I know that listing prices anywhere in a swap item listing is not allowed, not even just for reference. My question is, if I'm listing a coupon that is $10 off a $35 purchase, am I allowed to list that?

A: No, please do not list coupons as swap items.

  • Personal information (real name, addresses, ect) of other MakeupAlley members MAY NOT be put in the Notepad.
  • Any account containing this may be removed without notice.
  • Advertising is also strictly prohibited.
  1. Register or Login. Register for a free MakeupAlley account to participate in the Swap, Beauty Board, Chat 'n Chill Board, Productville and other activities. If you are already registered, just login.
  2. Read Disclaimer. By participating in the MakeupAlley swap, you agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use stated below..
  3. Browse swap sections. If you find to swap, send an email to the person displaying the item informing them you would like to swap. You can place your items up for swap on the swap board by using the Swap Items link in your swap info section.
  4. Ask questions. When inquiring about a swap item, ask about the condition, color and ingredients of the item. Remember, it is up to you to determine the quality of the swap item. Ask what the person would like to swap for it. Enclose your swap list or link to your swap list on MakeupAlley.
  5. Check references. Before swapping, look at the other persons Swap Tokens and read comments written by other swappers. If the person has many Negative Tokens, that may indicate problems with previous swap transactions. Decide if you want to swap with this person. Swapping is done at your own risk and MakeupAlley is not responsible for swap misunderstandings or failed agreements.
  6. Reach an agreement. Both parties must agree on the terms of the swap and what will be traded within one week of the original communication. Until this is done, either party has the right to cancel the swap.
  7. Exchange addresses. Each party should send out their end of the swap within 3-5 days of the agreement unless otherwise discussed. If there is a delay, inform the other party immediately.
  8. Clean/pack items carefully. Clean your swap items with alcohol before sending them out--sharpen pencils, wipe down packaging and clean off lipstick tips. Use bubble wrap to pack items to prevent shipping damage. Most swappers send via US Mail, unless otherwise discussed. Each party is responsible for paying the shipping cost for their end of the swap. Many swappers use insured mail to prevent against loss. If swapping internationally, be aware of shipping requirements (check with your local post office).
  9. Update your Swap Items List. Send an email to the other person indicating that their package arrived. The swap is complete when both parties receive their end of the swap.
  10. After receiving a swap package. Send an email to the other person indicating that the package arrived. The swap is complete when both parties receive their end of the swap.
  11. Award token. After a swap is complete, issue a Positive, Neutral, or Negative Token to the other party. A Positive Token indicates a successful transaction, a Neutral Token indicates a satisfactory transaction and a Negative Token indicates there were problems with the swap. There is a waiting period of two weeks before new members may award tokens.
Those are all the main rules and then below and some of the links will have other rules that people have kinda made to suit that way this website goes.
Some good things to read to get you all prepared:

Its really quite fun once you get into it. You can ask me questions at any time about it, Im not that established on their but thats only cause I started swapping lately on there. But I have swapped elsewhere.

Me on makeup alley:

 Please check me and my notepad out, and swap with me please. I dont have everything listed on both my wishlist and swap list so def let me know.

I think thats it for this post, I just wanted to let everyone know my experiance and what I have learned being on there. If you have any more tips, or feel I left something out. Please let me know. Also if you have questions ask away.

Aryn =)


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