Friday, December 10, 2010

Nail Haul =)

So other then sephora, I got some nail stuff. Mom bought me a couple of things, not sure what the occasion was but she did. I bought most of the stuff myself though.

This is the entire haul.

Nubar 2010, the flakie polish that seems to be on everyones wishlist right now. I have that on my nails over top China Glaze Little drummer boy in case anyone is wondering.

OPI Show it and Glow it (From the burlesque collection)

Nubar Purple Rain Glitter, looks better on then in the bottle.

Sally Hansen Recover nail rehab system. Aparently very good for extremly brittle nails, and when you get fake nails off to put on. A three step program, havent tried this yet.

Sally Hansen 14 day nail shield. Used for cracks in nails to patch, like silk wraps. At least this is what the lady mentioned to my mom.

Broadway Nails in 54136. They are black, silver and yellow strips of color and then small black dots on the tips. Comes with glue.

A little hard to see but they are revlon nails in 91097 stella, and they are a small silver tip with a bit of silver glitter and some black line detail.

These are broadway nails in 01791, and what they are is a off white/silver tip with white line detailing and some cute white stars.

Som swatchs all are the same combination, just in different lights. The first two are nubar 2010 over (from left to right) CG Ruby deer, Jolly Holly, and little drummer boy. The next one is OPI Show it and Glow it and then the one you can barley see is Nubar purple rain glitter.

Looks like real life in this picture^

Thats all for now, please contact me at if you want more detailed review or swatchs. Or even to request things, companys can contact me there as well.

Aryn =)


  1. nice haul! can't wait to see swatches on the nail!

  2. Would you prefer swatchs on the nail?