Sunday, December 26, 2010

REQUESTED: My moms nail tutorial

The look we are doing today is above, heres what you need:

Mix these two colors together. Picture below is them mixed:


 Heres how to do it:

First glue the right sized tip for your finger on your nail
Dip your brush into your monomer (cnd rentention), and then into your acrylic powder. Place a bit in your dual system form, and then dip into your mylar glitter. Place the glitter into your form and then place another layer of acrylic powder on top.

Place the dual system form on your finger, and press down for about 20 seconds.

Clean out the goop from around the nail and underneath the free edge.

Slowly wiggle the form off, and let it pop off and reveal your nail. Then file to your desired length and shape. Then apply a gel top coat and cure for the amount of time the product says.

Any questions? I really like these dual system forms, they seem to make everything that much easier.

Stay beautiful,


  1. looks awesome! great tut, what unique nails

  2. Thanks, she really appreciates the feedback.

  3. I do to, its from michaels and is very cheap for the bottle it comes in. They have a range of colors :)

  4. Awww so pretty,thank yuo for the tutorial, and for sharing.
    Where did you got your Dual system nail forms?.
    I've got some from ebay but they are bad like not deep enough :(.

  5. The ones shown here are from a local beauty supply store here in Canada. Im sure they have them at alot of supply stores, so check those out.

    Also here are some others from this site that are a little different because they have the form marked with numbers on it.

    they were $11.99 plus S&H for 120 forms in 12 sizes. They are for toes too. They are called Dual Nail System Forms Plus.