Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Stylish Blogger Award!

My first ever award, that I know I've gotten. So thank you OH MY POLISH! I am very happy that you have tagged me and I can be a part of this!
1. Copy and Link back to the person that awarded you with this
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Award 10 recently discovered bloggers
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7 Things about Totally Polished
- I'm a organization/neat freak when it comes to some things. My makeup and nail polish always have to be organized to fit my needs, Im OCD about that stuff as well as uniforms at the baseball league. I am the co-cordinator for them and have transformed the room. Anytime I find new organization I try to fit it into my already organized collection.
- My Birthday is March 1st, 1994, so that makes me 16 years old. I am quite young, but I dream big to be a makeup artist/nail tech in the future. Im already learning how to do fake nails from my mom, and practicing art on nails.
- My family consists of myself, my dad, my mom, and my little brother, who is 13. We also have a family dog, named Pugsley, he is a pug :P
-  I started this blog because Im in love with all things beauty, I actually stumbled on the whole youtube community because I pushed in kat von d, and found a tutorial on it. Talk about a addiction! Theres so many youtubers I subscribe to and love it, my mom also watchs nail videos and thats how she learned to do nails before her liceneing class.
-  When I was 9 or 10, I went to disneyland, and the magic was amazing. I remeber going on the grizzly river raft about 4 times in a row and got soaked. I remeber eating the hotels chicken fingers night and day whenever I could, I remeber the character breakfest at the disneyhotel. They had limbo and pancakes and chicken nuggets in the shape of mickey mouse. We even went to the ocean and thats the first time I've been there. We also went to Seaworld and I pet and fed a dolphin and many other sea creatures. My family was talking to me and I even ended up petting the dolphins tongue and teeth! I remeber the pool and the midevil times. I wish I could go back =(
- I've always wanted to be a actress, enrolling in acting classes, doing school performaces as well as church performances. When I got into beauty, I sorta felt even more in my element. Now I want to do stage makeup, so masks and everything, but acting can still be there, whos knows doing a movie or two might be fun!
- Did I think I was gonna get this many followers in this time? Ummm.. no. I thought oh maybe a few, not one to two a day! My pictures werent very good, and frankly I didnt think my posts were all that great to, but Im working on that. It was a overwhelming response, and it really pushed me further and I felt I couldnt give up and keep going. Im now at 34 and climbing! I love everyone of you and I always check out your blogs if you have them on your profile, anytime leave me your link and I will be sure to check it out! New blogs give me new tips, more ideas, and more push to keep going!
Was that 7? Let me check......Yep!!!!

10 Newly Discovered Bloggers: ( Sorry if you have already been tagged, I hope not)


  1. hi, thank you for the award!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this award I feel honored :) I'm your new follower :) And put you on my blogroll.

  3. No problem =) Your really good so I had to, thanks for following it means alot to me.

    Putting you on my blogroll as well.

  4. I forgot I've editted my blog and put your name in the list of people I got it from :)

    Thanks again :)

  5. Hi thanks for mentioning my blog on yours. I read your comment on my blog and you said something about me speaking English or not. I speak English and Portuguese, I am Brazilian. I follow your blog and if you can please follow mine too ;). It means a lot to me. Are you a Canadian? :D

  6. No problem. I dont quite remeber that comment but hey, its great to see people from all over enjoying the beauty community. That and you can bring other languages in so other people may be able to enjoy it. Im following =)

    Yes I am Canadian, born and raised and only ever once been outside of Canada unfortunately.

  7. Hi Aryn,
    Thank you very much for the award :)!.
    Super cute!!
    It is so cool to have your mom's nails to practice :).
    I have only my husbands nails ^_^, and my dogguies nails too, but he bites lol.
    Yor dogguie is so adorable.

  8. Ya its fun, I also practice alot on my friends.
    My doggie being a typical pug he is hates having his nails and feet touched.

    Thanks =)