Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HAUL: Part 1 (Pic heavy)

This haul is so large I'm going to have to break it up. If you wanna see closer up, or more of something let me know. This is a collective haul, so no I did not buy all these in one day. So lets stop talking and look at all the pictures, this is not in depth so let me know what you wanna see. Sorry about the lightning.

Dove Body Spray in energizing

That's all for part one, stay tuned for part two!

Like what you see, wanna make a request, go right ahead!

I bought everything with my own money, or had it given to me as a gift. No companies compensated me for this post, nor did they give any free products.


  1. wow, could you tell me if the metallic shades from the vintage vixen collection can be used for stamping?

  2. Sure, I will try stamping with them today and see.